El Super Pollo – Truly Super Chicken and Beef

By on August 5, 2010

Tucked neatly behind Long John Silvers/A&W between a liquor store and a Chinese restaurant on the NW corner of 21st and Garnett resides some of the most amazing grilled chicken ever. The place is called El Super Pollo, which I find to be humorous considering the mash of English and Spanish in its name. It is an unassuming little place with the picture of a yellow chicken with boxing gloves as a mascot. When they first opened, you only had a choice of 2 things on the menu. Chicken or Beef(Asada). Whole (entero) and half (medio) portions (the pics show the half portions). Since that time they have expanded to add other things but I have never ventured off of the original choices. Why mess with a good thing?

From looking down into the kitchen area one day, I was able to see that they marinate the birds after they have been butterflied. Then grill it, getting some good char on it first and chop it into the various pieces. Squeeze some of the supplied lime over the meat and you have one great bird. Simplicity can be the best sometimes.

The meal comes with a salad which is basically lettuce topped with these homemade pickled onions which are amazing to themselves. Then you get rice, tortillas, salsa, lime, and beans. Now these beans are more of a soupy type but they have chunks of meat which seems to vary and those little oriental peppers in it. So flavor is monstrous in them thar’ beans.

But wait, what about the Beef or Asada as they have it on the board? Strips of skirt or flank steak grilled on the grill with whole jalapeno’s and green onion bulbs. Admittedly the meat can get a little tough but again, the flavor and char. I personally take it home and douse it with my favorite steak sauce.

Usually, I only run across the local Hispanic population here. Univision is playing inside and the person taking orders will vary in their English aptitude. Credit cards are accepted. Generally, I get it to go and they cook it to order. Half is 7.99 before tax and whole comes to $15 including tax. I am telling you, this is one chicken that you must try and then go back for the beef.

El Super Pollo – super chicken is right.

1940 South Garnett Road
Tulsa, OK 74128-1816
(918) 437-5360

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As a professional audio engineer (soundman) based out of Tulsa for over 20 years, He has had the opportunity to visit over 20 countries throughout Africa, Europe, and the Americas plus 45 states inside the USA.  One the most enjoyable experiences while traveling is to experience the culture through local grub.  His motto in eating is “Try a bite of anything as long as it isn’t biting back”.  This has proven successful except for a few times like the “fish jello” in the former Soviet Union and the “extremely bone filled fish soup” in Nigeria.

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