Oklahoma Joe's BBQ with Joe Davidson to Open at Cain's Ballroom

By on September 25, 2010

Went to the Art of the BBQ today to sample some world class bbq outside of the new ballpark today. For $10 I received a togo tray that was used to pile on the various ques each vendor had to sample. I knew I would receive some crazy great bbq, but didn’t know I would hear the news I heard today from World BBQ Champ Joe Davidson. Joe, who performed on this seasons show Pit Masters, informed me that his team is opening up “Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ” at the Cain’s in the Brady District in downtown Tulsa. In case you haven’t heard, Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ is one of the most loved BBQ restaurants in the world. If you were to ask Anthony Bourdain of Travel Channels No Reservation and books Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw where his favorite bbq joint is he will without hesitation tell you the best is not in Oklahoma but is called Oklahoma Joe’s. He’ll have to change that saying now. Joe said they are targeting having the Cain’s venue open by the end of the year. There are also rumors of another location out south coming later. The stature of bbq in Tulsa is raising. I can’t wait!!!


Oklahoma Joe's BBQ with Joe Davidson in Tulsa

Oklahoma Joe's BBQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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